Idle Wednesday – 12/21/16

I have been thinking about poker a lot lately. It has been consuming most, if not all, of my idle thinking time. I’ve been watching lots of poker on the internet, playing a lot of play-money games on pokerstars, and daydreaming of big tournament takedowns and six-figure paydays. Even with a new, bright career opportunity laying before, I cannot escape the lure of the felt.

Last night, while watching WPT reruns on YouTube, I decided to check the interwebs and see if there were any major poker events coming up and discovered the the WPT LA Poker Classic was happening at the Commerce Casino in the early part of 2017 and that it would only cost me $103 round trip to fly there. So I started planning out a trip in my head: I’d fly from Denver to LA on Wednesday, February 22nd and stay in a cheap, sleazy motel, less than a mile from the casino. In the morning, I’d head over to the poker room and play some cash games. Whenever there is a big poker event taking place in any given city, the local cash games becomes bigger and better, with lots of money up for the taking. As long as I play tight, disciplined, and stay patient, I should be able to get outta there with some profit. 
There are also tournament satellites being played for an entry into the main event, which has a buyin of $10,000. If I can win one of the $150 buyin satellites, I would win a seat to one of the $1,500 satellites. If I win that, I would win a seat to the main event. If I win the main event, then I’d be set to finally launch my poker career. However, if that tournaments don’t work out. Hopefully I can profit from the cash games.

It’s time to take another shot. I’m long overdue.